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"Parce que le sexe est politique"


depuis le 09/11/05 sur post-Ô-porno,
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*Cartographie des déviances sexuelles

--> + The Deviant Desires Manifesto

Cartographie des déviances sexuelles

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The Deviant Desires Manifesto

We believe that nothing is sacred and anything can be sexualized, from Disney™ characters and B-Movie monsters to baked beans, latex birthday balloons and Thanksgiving dinner. We believe in actively participating in creating our own erotic entertainment, forging new art, original literature and fluid sexual identities. We believe in subverting mass culture for our own nefarious sexual purposes.
We believe that no matter how bizarre the details, sexual fantasies contain dramas and conflicts that are universal. Part of the fun in meeting new deviants is to discover their idiosyncratic ways of mixing and matching symbols from popular culture, literature or mythology, with elements of their own childhood and environment to make a narrative that condenses intense personal meaning with ecstatic sexual pleasure.

We believe in questioning popular assumptions about what constitutes a healthy sexual fantasy or a healthy sex life. Some people think that there's something sick or criminal about sexualizing the "wrong" things. They presume that if you get off on weird sexual fantasies, then you will ultimately be compelled to act them out in crazy, dangerous ways. (As if non-conformist sexual fantasies--unlike ordinary ones--have some kind of magical capacity to take over an otherwise healthy mind and destroy its ability to make ethical or rational decisions.) Nothing could be further from the truth.

This does not mean that we believe that "anything goes" or that there are no valid limits to human sexual expression. Any sexual fantasy is acceptable, but if you're going to act it out you must observe rules. We believe that all sexual interactions, whether they be supremely kinky or overwhelmingly vanilla, must conform to the BDSM motto "safe, sane and consensual." As long as everyone involved 1) knows the safety limitations to their acts and observes them to the best of their abilities, 2) recognizes the difference between fantasy and reality, and 3) is able to give their fully-informed consent to every aspect of play, then it's AOK by us. (Children and people with severe chemical or mental impairment are not able to give proper informed consent and therefore must not be involved in sexual acts.)

The most interesting discussions on this site will be those pushing the edges of our definitions of the words "safe, sane and consensual." Can an animal give informed consent? Can a person give consent for their own body to be used sexually after they die? If risk is the key to one's sexual excitement, how much risk is too much? If there are significant real-world power discrepancies between partners, how can we be sure that consent is given freely? We hope that you will pitch in and give us your opinions on these matters as they come up.

Ecrit par post-Ô-porno, le Mardi 14 Mars 2006, 14:58 dans la rubrique "Sexualité(s)".
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