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"Parce que le sexe est politique"


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* X MAGIS - Gorizia International Film Studies Spring School

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X MAGIS - Gorizia International Film Studies Spring School

Udine-Gorizia FilmForum
Porn Studies Section

Cartography of pornographic audiovisuals / 2
National Pornographies


-> Call for Papers

Beginning with the 2011 edition, the Porn Studies Section of MAGIS - Gorizia International Film Studies Spring School has promoted a long term research project devoted to the compilation of a cartography of pornographic audiovisuals. On one hand, the project aims to reconstruct the historical variables (on an institutional, social, and technological level) which define the cultural existence of pornographic audiovisuals, thereby establishing their the conditions which actually make them possible. On the other, the project aims to trace the geographical constants (on a sociological, economic, and linguistic level) which distinguish the different pornographic audiovisuals in terms of national (or regional) identity. The main objective of the project, therefore, is to map the several morphological expressions (and transformations) which pornographic audiovisuals have undergone during the historical evolution and geographical differentiation. This year particular attention will be devoted to the development and the distinguishing features of national pornographies, and to the glocalization process through which particular national pornographic practices are translated into transnational forms (i.e. the spreading of the Japanese bukkake) and vice versa (i.e. the birth of the Italian gonzo).

Mindful of these methodological assumptions, the Porn Studies Section intends to encourage the following perspectives of study:

National and/or regional industries and economies;
National and/or regional styles and genres;
National legislative systems and censorship;
National and/or regional audiences and modes of consumption;
National and/or regional “auteurs” and stardoms; 
Glocalization processes: from local to global and vice versa.

Deadline for paper proposals: October 15, 2011.

Length of paper proposals: 500 words max.


Please send your paper proposals, along with a short CV (150 words max.), to
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